Fattoria di Fubbiano

Fattoria di Fubbiano Winery: white, red and sweet wines

Bianco DOCVermentinoSchillerRosso DOCFirst LoveSan GennaroI Pampini Aleatico


The Fattoria di Fubbiano stretches across 45 hectares along the Lucca hills, between the villages of Tofori and San Gennaro, an area where wine has been produced since the 14th century. 20 hectares are used for wine production with an average annual yield of around 100.000 bottles.
The Fattoria di Fubbiano produces three red wines which belong to the D.O.C. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) «Colline Lucchesi Rosso»; two white wines which belong to the D.O.C. «Colline Lucchesi Bianco»; a Supertuscan Red I.G.T.(Indicazione Geografica Tipica) Toscana , Aleatico IGT Costa Toscana, Vin Santo DOC Colline Lucchesi, grappa and vinegar.


The new cellar

The construction of the new wine cellar was completed at the end of 2009 requiring an entire year and a significant investment, combining tradition and technology in the never-ending quest of excellence. The building, almost completely set into the ground, assures the natural temperature control of the inner environment.
The cellar is separated into vinification, aging, bottling, stocking and tasting, taking advantage of gravity for all the wine making operations: from when
the destemmed grapes fall into the fermentation vats to when the wine flows into the barriques. Besides the temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, there are large wooden tanks used to ferment the best grapes, and old concrete vats, which are completely restored and used to refine some of the wines. The barrel room, designed according to the modern concepts of temperature and humidity control, contains french oak barriques in which our aging wines rest.

Viticulture is performed following the traditional methods (guyot and spurred cordon), with an extremely low number of buds and a planting density of approximately 5000 vines per hectare, in order to obtain and enhance quality rather than quantity. Although the vineyards may suffer of a light drought in the summer, no extra watering is supplied, and the particular care which is dedicated to every single aspect of winegrowing, is also finalized to improve the quality, from the viticulture techniques to the methods of production, or to the manuring systems and the treatments against parasites. For the white wines a pneumatic press, which allows a soft pressing of the grapes, without affecting the woody stalks, is used and the fermentation process is carried out at a controlled temperature, which gives a more elegant and fragant wine as a result. The red wines are made using traditional techniques of vinification, (such as punching of the cap, repassing, délestage, oak barrels or barriques passages) which may vary according to the typologies of the wine involved, as the final results may lead to significantly different wines. The oenological choices of the winery have always privileged a strong respect of the local tradition and the production of typical wines with a well-defined personality, always aiming towards a constantly improving quality, in order to provide the consumer with a more interesting wine-tasting and to enhance the eno-gastronomic pleasures. Come to visit us in Lucca, Tuscany!